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By | January 28, 2022

What is the best way to apply body lotions and moisturizers?

Whether you use a dry body oil, body butter or lightweight body lotion, the best time to apply moisturizers is right after a shower or bath. Using a moisturizing formula on damp, towel-dried skin helps seal in hydration to smooth and soften skin. Apply a lotion or body moisturizer throughout the day as needed, especially on dry areas, to help keep skin balanced and healthy-looking.What types of body lotions are best for dry skin?

Frequent bathing, harsh soaps and aging along with changing temperatures, climate and other environmental factors can all contribute to dry skin. If your skin feels tight or taut, look for thicker body creams or body butters that contain rich emollients to smooth and soften skin.How often should you use body lotions and moisturizers?

Apply abody lotion after every shower to help maintain soft skin. If you do not moisturize your body after a bath or shower it can become especially dry. Reapply lotions throughout the day as needed on dry areas or all over to keep skin looking smooth and healthy.What is the difference between body lotion, body cream and body butter?

Body lotions absorb easily and deliver lightweight hydration, making them ideal for replenishing moisture on the go. For a richer, more comforting feel on skin, use a body cream or body butter, which tend to have a thicker, creamier texture. Body butters also often contain a higher concentration of emollient ingredients like natural butters to soften skin with rich moisture.What type of body moisturizer should you use in winter?

If you live in a cold climate, you may experience more dry skin in winter months. In cold weather, switch your body moisturizer to a nourishing body butter or heavier cream to effectively seal in and retain moisture. In the summer, you may prefer a lightweight body lotion that absorbs easily to help nourish skin.What is body oil?

Carefully formulated with a high concentration of oils – including botanical oils – these formulas are especially nourishing and deliver lasting moisture.Dry body oils tend to be lightweight and absorb easily to leave skin with a residue-free “dry touch.”How do you use body oil?

Since body oils do not typically contain water, it’s best to apply to damp skin to help seal in moisture. These formulas can also be layered under a favorite body lotion or cream for enhanced moisture.What is body butter?

Body butters are thicker moisturizers that are formulated with high concentrations of butters and oils. Made with nourishing emollients, these formulas help defend skin from dehydration by replenishing and sealing in moisture to skin’s surface. Body butters can be applied all over or used on areas that tend to be drier — like elbows or knees.

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