Sunblock Malaysia Review – 10 Best Sunscreens In January 2022

By | January 28, 2022

Last Updated on January 24, 2022

If there is one step in your skin care routine that you should not skip, it should be sunblock. It comes at the last part of the day time routine, and it can be tempting to simply skip it and proceed to apply make-up products that contain “SPF” anyway.

However, a dedicated sunblock is currently the best way to protect your skin from sun damage. Products that claim to also have SPF simply does not protect the way a sunblock product does. Here are some of the best sunblocks in Malaysia that you can choose from:Top Sunblocks in Malaysia Comparison Table

(Scroll right for more)10 Best Sunblocks in Malaysia 1. BIORE Sunscreen UV Perfect BlockFeels and Looks Light 

This Japanese merk has so many sunblock products to choose from. There is undoubtedly one for every skin type and complexion. But this Milk Moisture variation stood out for us because of how light it feels and looks when applied.

    Pros:Protects skin against harmful UVA and UVB raysAnti-oxidant propertiesSPF 50+ protectionParaben and cruelty-free

This comes in conveniently small packaging as well so you can easily bring this around with you making re-application so much easier.

Check prices on Shopee2. Images Red Pomegranate Hydrating WhiteningEasy Re-application

Sunblock sprays are simply a wish come true, especially for people like us who have to deal with so much heat almost every day. It’s refreshing, and it’s sunscreen – perfect combination.

     Pros:Suitable for face and bodySweat and sebum resistantHydrating and refreshing effect

One of the great advantages of owning a spray sunblock is the re-application process on top of your make-up. It reduces any chance for your make up to be ruined, yet you can keep on adding layers of sunblock as needed. This is suitable for combination skin.

Check prices on Shopee3. Neutrogena Sunscreen Ultra Sheer Dry-TouchBlends Nicely with Skin

We’ve featured this merk so many times in this blog, and that’s because almost all of their skincare products are simply amazing and effective. So, when we saw that they also have a sunblock line, we had to try it.

Pros:Water-resistant, sweat resistantResists rub-offNon-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)Oil-free and no PABA added

It may feel a bit thick during your initial application, but after a few minutes, it will blend nicely on your skin and will make your make-up look more on point.

Check prices on Shopee4. Some By Mi Truecica SuncreamTri-functional Product

Some By Mi is a famous Korean skincare brand, and this sunblock has been getting lots of attention here in Malaysia. This product contains 10,000ppm of Truecica™, which works so well for sun protection while protecting the skin barrier.

Pros:A tri-functional product: UV Blocking + Whitening + Wrinkles Improvement.With UV Blocking index SPF50+ PA++++ to block out both UVA/UVB.Its non-nano factors will not absorb by the skin easily while provides 100% of physical UV blocking.With 85% of moisture essence, its lotion-like texture gives no white cast finish.

Make sure to also apply this on your neck and other exposed parts of your body. It feels like a light lotion, so it works well with Malaysia’s weather.

Check prices on Shopee5. Non-Alcohol Sunblock NALC SunscreenBest for Beach Days

Not all sunblock is meant to be taken with you on the beach. This NALC sunblock is not one of them. For your next beach trip, make sure to have this in your bag for maximum protection from sunburns and sun damage.

     Pros:Strong Sun Protection at SPF50+ PA++++. Protects you from sun tan even at the beach!Waterproof. Does not flush away during contact with water and adheres to your skin even in water.Suitable for sensitive skin and children.

The best part is this sunblock is so easy to apply and spread. It does not leave you that sticky feeling after. No wonder this is so popular in Japan.

Check prices on Shopee6. Kose Sekkisei Skincare UV Gel SunblockBest Moisture Infusing

Speaking of popular Japanese sunscreen, this huge tub of sunblock is also an instant favourite. It is one of the most legit in infusing more moisture in the skin, that during humid days we don’t feel too guilty about skipping the moisturizer and simply rely on this UV gel.

    Pros:Plant-based and water-based ingredientsAbsorbs excess sebumLightweight and non-sticky

Gels are often so tricky to use along with make but not with this merk. Since it absorbs skin’s excess sebum, your face is already a great base for lasting make-up after applying this gel sunblock.

Check prices on Shopee7. COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50+Hydrating Sun Cream

One of the best staple products of COSRX. This extraordinarily hydrating yet lightweight sun cream is every girls must-have. We all know the soothing power of aloe vera on our skin, and they topped that by adding it to sunscreen.

Pros:Totally lightweight textureSoothing and hydratingCalms inflammation and works well with sensitive skin

A lot of users have declared this to be one of their holy grails, and we totally get it! It’s one of the most reliable yet gentle sunblocks out there.

Check prices on Shopee8. PURITO Centella Green Level SunscreenUnscented Clean Brand

Purito is one of the few clean brands we follow, especially because they have lots of unscented product lines, including this sunscreen with SPF 50+.

    Pros:EWG Level 1-2No slimy feelingPerfect for sensitive skin

It also contains Hyaluronic Acid, which is essential in delivering extra moisture to your skin. Follow all the unscented series of Purito, and you’ll skin will thank you soon enough.

Check prices on Shopee9. Senka Perfect Uv Milk Sunblock Spf50Smooth Base for Foundation

With this sunblock, there is no need to use different ones for the body and for the face. Not only that,  this sunblock is recommended to be used as a primer for applying make-up, creating a smooth base for the foundation while also protecting your skin. 

      Pros:Water and sweat-resistantHydrates skin with natural silk essence and double hyaluronic acid.Easy to remove with any cleanser.

It is soft and light; therefore, it will feel very comfortable on the skin. Of course, it has 50+ SPF making sure your skin is safe from the sun’s dangerous UV rays. It is also unscented, making sure there is no alcohol and is perfect for those who have sensitive noses.

Check prices on Shopee10. Heliocare 360 Gel OilBest for Protection from Any Harmful Rays

An oil-free, gel-based sunscreen that is light and is also clinically proven to protect the oily skin from ANY harmful rays, not only those from the sun but also the heat and radiation from gadgets and cooking.

        Pros:Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial that is helpful for sensitive and acne-prone skin.Reduces shine from humidity, leaving the skin looking matte.Eye and skin tolerability 

When you hear “gel based” it might sound like something that will feel wet to the skin, but this sunscreen is perfectly dry to touch and creates a matte look on the skin. It doesn’t only protect the skin against the sun, but also against any harmful rays there is.

Check prices on ShopeeTop Sunblock Brands in Malaysia

A staple merk for skincare is definitely Biore! They create game-changing skincare products while ensuring sustainability and most importantly, ethically produced! All their products are also cruelty-free as well as made with little to no harm to the environment. Of course, they set their standards to the highest to provide pure and clean skincare for everyone!

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