Sewa Sound System Cengkareng Jakarta The Best Home Stereo Systems 2022 (Portable & Home Systems)

By | April 2, 2022

Home stereo systems are making a big comeback, with the ever-popular Bose Wave Music System and the Keiid Compact Stereo System Sewa Sound System Portable Jakarta being some of the most desired options on the market. We have updated this list to include all the models that fueled the comeback, along with the more recent releases. We ensured to only include the speakers that meet our standards of quality and performance. Home Stereo System vs Bluetooth Speaker

Do you really need to understand the differences? Well, yes, you do. We want to help you fully understand which sound system is best for you and your lifestyle.What Are the Differences?Power Source and Portability

The first difference between the two is power source and portability. A home stereo system requires power from a socket to operate while a portable Bluetooth speaker can operate off its built-in battery. This means your Bluetooth speaker is going to be portable while the home stereo system is more of a fixed unit. If you want a speaker that you can take on the go, a home stereo speaker is not for you. Control

The second difference is how you control the sound system. Almost all home stereo systems come with a remote control while portable Bluetooth speakers typically don’t. This is because Bluetooth speakers are mostly portable and any additional accessories would probably get lost. Nowadays Bluetooth speakers come with an app which means you can adjust settings using your phone. We’re also seeing more and more home stereo systems coming out with apps that allow you to control everything from audio to internal configurations. AM / FM Radio

The last major difference is the AM/ FM radio feature. Most, if not all, home stereo systems come with AM/FM radio as standard while most Bluetooth speakers do not have this feature. To pick up AM/FM stations, you need an antenna. Having an antenna on a portable Bluetooth speaker just isn’t practical as it would make the device less portable. Home stereo systems are installed in the home and can, therefore, connect an antenna to pick up radio stations. How Did We Select These Stereo Systems?

When reviewing this list of the best home stereo systems, we carefully went through numerous products and chose what we deem as the best. We have tried to include all the best stereo systems, if you feel we have left one out, let us know in the comment section!

With this article being an updated version of a previous list, we also had the opportunity to look at our own data to see which products you guys loved the most. We decided to keep four of the products from our original list.

When we go through the process of selecting our products, we consider multiple factors. We look at the price of the product, the number of reviews, what customers have said, the product specifications, the brand’s reputation, and their previous products. Compact Stereo Systems

Compact stereo systems break away from the traditional configuration of two standalone speakers and a control element and incorporate all components into a single unit. These, of course, narrow the stereo field and occupy far less space than a full-on stereo system.

Due to their size, their ability to fill a room is somewhat limited. However, certain models are more than capable of producing loud, warm, and dynamic audio. If you’re looking for a more compact solution that you can situate virtually anywhere within your home, a compact stereo system is what you’re after.Our Pick! Bose Wave IV Compact Stereo

The Bose Wave IV has become a favorite with good reason. The sound quality offered by this compact and versatile home stereo system is tough to beat.

List of the Best Compact Home Stereos 1. Bose Wave IV Compact Stereo

The Bose Wave Music System IV is arguably one of the best home stereo systems currently on the market. This dual speaker has advanced internal processing to deliver one of the best audio experiences for a system this size. The bass response boosted while still retaining a good amount of definition. If you’re not fond of big bass, this can be adjusted on the internal EQ. Both the mid-range and treble are well balanced with a notable crisp high-frequency response adding to the speaker’s intelligibility and clarity.

There is no shortage of input options, these include ⅛-inch AUX, USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi. There is an Ethernet port if you prefer to connect to your home network using a cable. For fans of the old school, there is also a built-in AM/FM radio and CD player. A ⅛-inch headphone jack is also located on the rear of the Wave IV.

Using the WiFi connection, you can play audio from popular streaming services and internet radio stations like Sirius XM. Streaming is done through the app which even allows you to set up to six presets of your favorite stream service, playlist, podcast, or radio station. It is compatible with Alexa through an Amazon Echo device.

Fans of minimal design features will appreciate no buttons cluttering up the speaker. There is a large LCD display flanked by speakers left and right. To turn the device on and off you simply touch the top of the speaker. Controlling this system can be done using the supplied remote or via the app available for both iOS and Android.

With the Wave IV, you have the option of setting up two separate alarms. You also have the option of choosing the audio you wake up to be it a song, playlist, radio station, CD, podcast, etc. Stopping the alarm is as simple as tapping the top of the Wave IV, just like an old-school alarm clock. Alarms can be programmed using the remote or via the app. You can even snooze the alarm from across the room using the snooze button on the remote.

To read our full review on the Bose Wave Sound System click here.2. Keiid Compact Stereo

If you like quirky products, then you’ll love the KEiiD Compact. It is made from a VW stereo refit to combine two worlds to create a stylish and unique home stereo system with a modern retro aesthetic. The result is better than you would ever expect.

The single unit has a 2-way speaker system, left and right of the receiver. Each speaker features a 4” low-frequency driver with a 1” tweeter. KEiiD doesn’t specify the output of the system, however, I would put this at between 20W to 40W RMS. The wooden frame housing helps to produce a punchy low-end response. The mid-range and treble are clean with a nice high-frequency sizzle.

When it comes to inputs, the KEiiD Compact includes RCA, ⅛-inch AUX, USB, SD, and Bluetooth. The KEiiD Compact also features a built-in front loader-styled CD player and HD FM radio tuner. The unit is fitted with a telescopic antenna for picking up radio stations.

The KEiiD Compact receiver is laid out exactly like a VW car stereo. With 6 preset buttons located on either side of the LCD display with a bank of buttons controlling various functions. There is a separate rotary knob for volume and track skip/radio tuning. It also has separate controls for bass, mid-range, and treble so you can fine-tune the KEiiD Compact to your room or personal preference.

As this is a car stereo receiver, the KEiiD Compact has a built-in speakerphone. It allows you to make hands-free calls and to talk to Siri or Google. The system comes with a remote control that allows you to control all of the KEiiD Compact functions including the speakerphone.3. Como Audio Compact Stereo

Como’s Compact home stereo system comes fitted with all the modern features, housed in an elegant walnut or hickory wood enclosure. The speaker can read data from various mediums and includes several helpful features.

The Como Audio stereo supports many connections, including Bluetooth, USB, 3.5mm Auxiliary, Optical, FM Radio, and CD Disc. The USB input will also successfully charge many modern cell phones, and WiFi connectivity is also available- permitting multi-room style usage. The Como system also includes a line output to extend sound to alternate speakers or headphones and a wired ethernet connection as an alternative to the WiFi option.

The Como system can be controlled using either the remote or the free mobile app. While there are many connectivity options on this stereo system, I feel they could have included an RCA input for use with a television. One can still use the auxiliary input, but an RCA would have been nice.

The Como Audio Musica stereo system has been designed with compactness in mind, occupying very little space on your tv cabinet or countertop. The stereo adopts an all-in-one design where the head unit and speakers are all contained within one enclosure. This will reduce the stereo field, of course. However, the Como Audio Musica still sounds decent. While it may not be as loud as other systems on this list, the 25W power capabilities of the Musica are sufficient for at-home casual listening or to use in conjunction with your television.

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